repair/maintenance on an old compressor - a tip or two



I have a very old compressor that developed a leak after I messed with the regulator and moved it around and used it a quite a bit.
I went to the local compressor peeps and they said -- woooohhh - we know exactly whats wrong - the leak is NOT where you think it is.
and i am like "HEY DUDES - I fix greenhouses and aircons and stuff - I can hear the leak coming from under the big black plastic box thingy with the little red on off button" so they are like - " chill dude - trust us" . so I buy their part (half the price of what I would have spent on what I thought was wrong). And guess what - they where right.

BUT - here are the tips :

First - apparently when there is a leak under the on/off switch/valve regulator black box thingy - it is actually the non return valve (second pic)

Second - I didn't replace the WHOLE fitting (even though i bought it) I actually took apart the ONE threaded "bolt" to get to the insides and I used the new seal and spring to replace the old one and the new o'ring on the end cap bolt.

Third - use this opportunity to open the little screw at the bottom (BEFORE you start taking bolts and fittings apart) just in case there is some pressure in the system. and when you have put it all together and are testing the compressor with pressure- only then screw it tight again while tilting the tank back and forth to get the water out.

edit - pics in revers order :)


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