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Hi I have the airbrushes shown in the picture, I know that the two in the wooden box don't have needles but the other two do. They I believe are cheap airbrushes anyway can I get replacement needle for them.

Quite possibly but it is tricky to comment with the limited information here. It's kind of like asking if I can get a chain for my 10 speed bike, yes you can but there are different chains for different purposes and they may or may not work for you. Same with needles. You will likely need to go to the place you purchased them or a shot that sells them.

They both look like knock off brushes so you coupled maybe get a needle from the similar brush they are copied off but I suspect you will find the price of the needle is as much as the brush was in the first place.
it is like Mark said , your best bet would be to find out if the ones in the wooden box have a name on it and google it but if I was you I would forget about those airbrushes and only use the ones that have a needle in it
I have been fooling around with the import brushes quite a bit, and in one respect they are more generic in parts used, and in another they vary so much it is really tough to tell what is what. The nozzles are one area I can not make heads or tails out of - I have more than a few different brands here, and not one nozzle seems to be the same as another - making it hard to pick a replacement if not knowing the actual brand name to order from...

The needle, on the other hand, seems to be quite a bit more generic. Just looking at the two you have there, I would guess that the top one is most likely a .5 or .7, and the bottom one (this is an edit) - after poking around, it looks like it may be a .3. I have had zero problem in taking one needle from one brand, and using it another. I even find many times I can improve performance be swapping to a name brand needle, such as using an Iwata needle in a Chinese brush. Worse case scenario, you would have to clip the back end off if you had a replacement that was too long.

Now, I can not guarantee you you will have 100% success in blindly choosing a replacement, but I would think your chances are very good provided you try the correct size...

Last but not least :) I will poke around to see if I can get any closer to actually identifying the brushes you have, to try to find the recommended replacement and come back to update if I find anything...

Edit: After poking around a little, I am just gonna throw this out there - the top brush can be had for under $20, and the bottom one for under $13 - if they need replacement parts, it may be better to just purchase another one ;)
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Thank you guys the ones in the wooden box are only single action and do not have needles it is for the other two which have no name, so it looks like I will use them as is and when it comes time order a named better quality one as a replacement
I think that's your best bet. The cheap ones are very hit and miss performance wise, and its easier to buy new as mentioned. Do that a couple of times, and you could have had a better more consistent brush to begin with.

These will let you get started. However bear in mind that if you have issues, it may be down to the brush do take photos and ask, as it might be easier for us to identify inexperience from poor performance. This is another reason a branded brush will be better. Being better made and more reliable, it makes learning easier as you aren't questioning the brush. Spares will be easy to get, but you wont need them often as they are much harder wearing. Needles and nozzles can be soft and was to damage in the cheap copies.