Repositionable drawing plate



A very quick project to build a mobile surface for airbrush and freehand drawing. The slate is adjustable at any position, thanks to the ball joint of the support; moreover it's magnetic, so you can quickly set masks, reference images, etc. with magnets.

The work surface is a common magnetic board, size is A3, for a cost of about 9 Euro.

The articulated support is an excellent Stanley ball joint vise, solid as a rock, made entirely of steel, for a street price of about 27 Euro at any hardware store.

The clamp supports a simple wood frame, which in turn is fixed with threads to the magnetic tablet, through the four holes already present at the corners. The "central rail" also allows for lateral (or vertical, depending on the ball joint position) displacement. Comfortable, and very solid!

Total cost: about 40 Euros, for about half an hour of minimal DIY.

Hope it can be of any interest for you, if you're looking for a compact drawing surface but have no room for a classic table.

Some pictures, and a video to see the thing at work:








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Great idea, i do like the idea of the magnetic white board for a surface but i have no room for the vise.

Great idea, i do like the idea of the magnetic white board for a surface but i have no room for the vise
The vise is compact, and easily removable when you're done with your work. It's attached to the edge of your table, so its footprint is really narrow, and asks for a very little space.
This may be a little cheeky but can you post up the footprint as i have less than very little space

That's an awesome idea,I've been flipping my piece around and around and around and around, good grief it is a pain, I'm gonna invest in this soon.
Thanks genius
Great idea. I have something similar, though smaller, but on a wooden base. The ball joint is in the middle so it can be put flat and used as an elevated surface/table top also, which I find great for painting helmets. But I like how this can be clamped on, then taken off and put out of the way.