Rescuing a No Name cordless airbrush kit


Mac-Valve Maestro!

Another rescue from the clutches of indifference!
You may remember a Badger Patriot I recently rescued. Well, this was in that lot as well. I've always been curious about these cordless little battery powered kits. Do they really work?
This is a NO_NAME brand kit from Spraygunner.
But before testing, a lot of work was needed to rescue this thing. Everything is stuck. Nothing moves. I mean, really? It is a blob of gunk.


Even the underside of the trigger had paint!




Clay pots again?


Forgot to take a "Before" pic. This was already about halfway into the process.

At the end of several days, all parts were serviced individually. I swear I removed over a quart/liter/litre of gunk from the little nozzle alone. :)
Needle was polished as usual.

Everything went back together

I cleaned the packaging



It looks brand new!

Does it work?

Although I only tested quickly with lacquer thinner, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I have read and seen reviews that suggest that with prolonged use it can get warm which can cause moisture issues. But I can definitely see this as a plan B for those "Darn it! I forgot this little part!" moments after you cleaned up. That happens to me every time with the mirrors of scale model cars.
Maybe a travel kit? Well, I use "dangerous" automotive lacquer paints. I can see an airport in total lockdown and me arrested, face to the floor for trying to board a flight with half an ounce of automotive paint. lol

I hope you like and approve. As always, your comments and questions are appreciated.

Another poor brush has been rescued and looks good again. It’s just heart worming to see stuff like that to come back alive instead of landing in the trashcan. Nice job Ismael 👍
Nicely done resto Ismael.

I know a lot of people don't like siphon feed brushes because the jar sticks down. This has got to be a bit more unusual. For what you intend to use it for it should work perfect for you.
great rescue job, such a sense of achievement bring them back to their best and brightest.
I have one of these (not spray gunner) battery compressors and they are handy to have for those times you just want to paint small pieces or just half an hour on a piece and you don't want to fire up the big compressor.