Needle-chuck Ninja
I need to ask about respirators again. Not just for Airbrushing but for spray cans as well. I've noticed my lungs burning a lot after working with them, coughing my head off , the simple dust mask is not cutting it. Will any mask work as long as they carry a and fit with a organic vapor cartridge? If anyone uses one that's low profile and not vision obstructing, comfortable, can you send me a link please?
Has to be organic filter yes. A dust mask does nothing but stop dust, basically it keeps your boogers clean and that's it. You might as well not use a mask then. Dual cartridge 3m respirator is the norm and they aren't uncomfortable

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Ha, yeah. Logically i knew the dust mask was doing nothing, but in my head i felt better wearing it...cause i'm an idiot. Thanks man
I us a 3M 6001 mask with two side cartridges and you can replace the filters. I bought mine at a Home Depot in the paint area. The next version up would be one with charcoal filters.
I'm guilty of it, long airbrush sessions (talking 16 hrs straight) I get tired of the respirator. Then I wonder why when I wake up eventually my eyes and cheeks are red and my lungs burn like I've smoked ciggs which I don't.