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I read this article on retarders and flow agents.

Am having issues with tip dry using wicked opaques . I have reduced various percents with 4011 , wondering if I should try a retarder and see if I get any improvement in time. I literally can't spray for more than few seconds and I start to get tip dry.

Article is here..

What is the createx equivalent of the flow agent ?
I think the issue using any kind of medium not made by Createx might cause an issue with the 4011 and make it worse. Just try using distilled water instead of any reducer like mentioned in this video.
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i would be using only createx products in the wicked opaque paints . thats why i want to know which is the createx equivalent of the flow agent.

i use the 4011 reducer and i see the 5607 retarder, but not sure what is the createx flow if ndeed there is one.

but i will try the distilled water too as i can get that where i live, whereas i have to import anything else
I am also trying to prevent to lower the chance of tip dry. In my case I use Createx airbrush colors with some 4011. After reading 4011 technical datasheet pdf file, I read it will make the paint thinner, but also decrease drying time. So after spraying it it hangs on something like the tip, it will dry faster.

Other paint brands have a flow improper, but Createx does not have. On youtube there are a few people try.

- 4011 is useless as a flow improver, it will only make it worse. Cause it makes the paint mix dry faster. So Tip-dry happens faster.
- Only water, only makes the paint thinner, as far as I know. No idea about the effects on tip-dry.
- Water + iso alcohol + glycerine, I will try to day. Link:
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Tip dry really slows down painting. Hopefully Water + iso alcohol + glycerine, will be the mix that is good.
Glycerine I have not tried yet.

I tried 3 parts distilled water, 1 part iso alcohol, few drups of dishwasher anti stripe water. Createx airbrush keeps making a small ball at the end of the needle tip. So, I tried schmicke professional, that is maybe like Createx illustration, not sure.

But Schmicke professional , for >0.15 mm needle it is written on the bottle, just works great without thinning. right out of the bottle, it does coat the needle with a layer of paint, but does not create a ball of paint so fast.

From what I read at other people, needle dry tip is just a thing we have to fix. Some people pick the needle after every spray. That is a lot , but Createx airbrush does create a ball fast in my tries.

This post may have some info you find useful.

I can only imagine the iso alcohol making the paint dry faster as it evaporates off.

I have a mix of 70/30 propylene glycol/glycerine (bought premixed)

I add it 1 part to 10 parts distilled water. Then I use that to thin paint as required.
There are some dangers using Propylene Glycol:
It is truly not harmless... It makes working with chemicals, even airbrushing, a necessity use filter masks of good brand.

Quit a journey, finding a good way and think about health and usability.
There has been a number of posts recently about iso alcohol and its dangers, liver, nervous system damage 😬 we must all use our paints and tools wisely.
If anti stripe is what we call rinse aid, believe it or not but that has some toxic properties too.

So as you say, we need to be mindful of how and what we spray and how we protect ourselves and others we work around.