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Hi people!

Do you know what Rich Pen model is more compared with Iwata's Micron? Do you know if Iwata's spare parts fit Rich Pen models? I wanted to try one and I want to know what is the best on Rich Pen brand.
Before you compare, I would first look at if spares are available locally. No point in going cheaper if you have to import all the parts.

Otherwise, I know Steve Leahy uses a Rich Pen and he does really small stuff.
phoenix line I know bear air in the states have tuned versions of this AB there is the 212C which is the .2 nozzle and the 213C which is the .3 nozzle. They also have the 212A and 212B. The 21 stands for the phoinex line the third number is the nozzle size and the letters are the cup A no cup slot on top .5cc (1/64 oz.), B small cup 1.5cc (1/20 oz.), and C is the larger cup 6cc (1/5 oz.). Hope this helps been looking into buying one.
Thanks for the help people. I am seriously thinking on getting one and I'm looking for a seller in Europe. If someone knows please let me know to inform myself about everything.
Mike Learn use to use them for his MOJO but now he is using a Paasche Talon.
But when I first started airbrushing there was a lot of bad press on the Rich Pen so never really considered it. This will be an interesting feed But I have to agree with AndreAZ on buying a brush that parts are available in your area for. One reason I bought the IWATA Eclipse CS was because needles and nozzles and a few other parts were available at my local Hobby Lobby, Trust me my first year or so I went through both needles and nozzles,, Now I do not think I have had to buy either for a long time now.
I think the only thing that makes Rich Pen less atractive is the available part for sure. Because the airbrush itself is an excelent gun. Only with a good deal with spare parts and gun I go ahed with the business.