Richpen Phoenix 212B and 213C

Makes sense the flat top. I tried a toothpick but the difference doesn’t seem significantly different between any of the nozzles measuring that way, at least to my poor eyes. The most significant thing seems to be the marking on the cap so I’m going to ask FS if that designates it as fitting the 213C or whether they started marking 212B/A caps with a line also. If they didn’t then it must be wrong.
Fuso Seiki confirmed that they sent me the wrong nozzle cap by mistake. It's a 313c one as the ring indicates. They have a replacement in the post already. The original 212a/b cap had no ring markings. They don't have any remaining stock of those originals, the newer compatible version they have has 2 rings as markings. Hopefully my 212b will spray nice once it arrives.
Nice you have the brush in shape at the end, it works nicely and good one for Fran and Dave as well¡¡ I was playing with my Gemini 312B these days and it is able to work with the minimun pressure the Mc Valve permits, a very good point. If my memory doesn't fail, I think specs say the range for pressure in this brushes is 14 - 25 PSI. Very detailed brush. @Fran Rioja , finally I asked some parts for the Gemini directly from FusoSeiki because the QualityAirbrush's staff told me they are finishing stock... a shame. :)