Hi everyone I brought the master airbrush from top globe and having trouble with the paint flow it came with createx water based paint
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Most likely if you have basic Createx, it just needs to be thinned like 1:1 paint to water, basic Createx is thick stuff. Also try running your pressure at 35-40 psi. If you do not have a regulator, keep adding water slowly till it sprays good. If this doesn't work, take the front of the airbrush apart and soak the parts in alcohol, remove the rubber seals first to avoid damage . You may have gunk on the inside of the nozzle.
I but water to thin but now it's spits the paint out rather then let it flow crying here lol
If it seems too thin you could try lowering your air pressure. It's a juggling act to begin with until you get the hang of it. You just need to keep experimenting, and make a note of what works for next time. Most people have similar issues when they start so just keep trying.
Rule of thumb for Createx 1 drop paint to 3 drops water as a starting point. air pressure 30 to 35 psi for Gravity feed adn 35 to 40 PSI for bottom feed.
As Squishy stated it is a juggling act and learning your paint , Airbrush and material your working on.
an advice the masters may seem good at the begining, but start saving for another brand as soon as possible,they are a lot of trouble!!!
You are not on your own although it may feel like it. I don't know of anyone who hasn't gone through exactly the same issues as you are at the moment with a brand of paint. Even seasoned experts still have troubles with paints at some time or other. Keep at it and if you can get a different brand of paint. If you do have the basic createx they are designed for tshirts and fabric and tend to be quite thick compared to createx's other ranges.