Rusty Rivets



How can I improve on these rusty rivets? Something Im going to be using in a project but I want to get them worked out first.

Are you going for the raised head type, as it appears in your pic? They look pretty good, just maybe an extra highlight at the top, and a more gradual shadow on the underside of the rivet head. They need a bit more dimension.

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When you say at the top, do you mean on the crown of the rivet or at the top of the picture where the rivet meets the plate? Thanks for responding too….
The crown of the rivet. There is a bit of a highlight now but its getting lost.

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Also, rivets tend to dint the metal they're resting on, and usually on one side.
This is because very few of us can hold a rivet gun perfectly vertical when applying the little suckers!
Maybe adding this effect will improve your view on them.
Also check out the many you-tube vids on things mechanical.
Some great ideas on there!
Looks good. What I like the most is the little highlight around the top where rivet meets the panel.
Well actually these look great, The bright hard looking line at the top of them kind of throws my eye off a bit making the shadows underneath them look to light.
But being they are rusty and highlights on them look correct , But why is there no water markings or rust above them?

Have a look at my friends Jerome Borris aka borrisburningbrush. and his fauxtina rust might give you a better insight into rust... Being we all know there are no rusty cars in Texas...LOL » Blog Archive » 59 Ford Pickup Lusty Rusty Patina Fauxtina Distressed
Thanks Herb, Ill have to wait until I get home to view that one. Its blocked by our IT group...
As i dont have the trans rootbeer or burnt orange , i find that raw umber and sepia work well with a shot of yellow trans over it . Wicked colors .

Can't is not an excuse .