Salon air tc-60 ebay compressor



After spending some time on this website and understand the mechanics of airbrushing i think i mismatched some stuff i bee buying in a rush to get back into airbrushing... the tc-60 barely can push out 23psi constantly went out and bought a harbor freights airbrush gun... that works pretty ok is recommended to have atleast 30 psi.... whenever i use the airbrush regardless of how much how little its always spitting water out.... is it because of the compressor? if you were to recommmend a compressor for reasonable price that can hold say 50-60 psi....where should i look and about how much will it cost me... thanks
You could try to airbrush the colors already diluted, usually these need to lower pressures.
For compressors I think it is better to build it yourself with a bottle of ara and quiet motor. The cost does not exceed € 100 if you find a fridge and a cylinder engine used.compressore.jpg
This is the technical scheme