Sam Hubbard from UK


Sam Hubbard

Hi guys just to say hi on the site as a newbie on here. Been airbrushing for most o my adult life and work full time in my studio in midlands UK. I'll post some pics on here ASAP. I was asked to join by Adam ferre so if it all goes belly up it's his fault lol......I'm on Facebook under Sam Hubbard Artist and my site is
As I said I'll post some pics ASAP as I'm teaching today but thought I'd quickly say hello!!!! HELLO!!!!

Sam hubbard
LOL............. HELLO :)

i hope we'll see you around a lot, we need experience like yours - some of us (like meeee ) more than others

welcome :encouragement:
guilty as charged folks im afraid..... please check out sams site airbrushperfections as his work is beyond outstanding! glad to have you around sam and thanks for taking the time to sign up you are obviously a busy man.... whenever you can chip on on somebodys thread then please do so as im sure we can all learn a huge amount from you.


Welcome bro! Definitely speak up n give advice where possible....shoot, spread your knowledge around the site!
Welcome aboard Sam, great stuff on your facebook page.
Sweet about 10 min drive from me :) and never even knew you was there :( do you keep stock in ie like a walk in shop ?
And welcome to the forums ^^
allways forget the important part
Welcome to the forum, you have some awesome artwork!! Can't wait to learn a thing or two from you!! And calm down with talking about Adam, I hear his head swelling up all the way over here in Chattanooga, TN!! :) j/j fez!!

Welcome and looking forward to seeing your work. Hope you enjoy it here :)
Welcome Sam, real good to have you with is us mate, you got them skills alright!!
Thanks for the heads up Ad now I am just a little embarrassed....and awestruck :)
Welcome...really really really really nice work! OK OK I'm drooling now sorry. I hope you enjoy the forum.
Hello Sam......from another Brit. Been aware of your site for a while, your work is awesome!