Same or different

Is the royalmax ab180 and the veda 180 the same airbrush looks like the parts are the same

So, OK, I am not 100% sure about he Royalmax, and Veda. I have been researching, using, and writing about many of these brushes, and have a page on Facebook that I have started that has some additional information.

This Album outlines how difficult it can be to tell them apart -

I do know that many of the Royalmax brushes are sold elsewhere as Pointzero. The Pointzero models I have are not Veda airbrushes, but are another maker altogether, that I have not been able to find a name for. Does this include the model 180? I will need to try to find some detailed photo's to answer the question...
well, that does not help - I did a google image search for "Royalmax 180" and at least two images come up with title WD 180 (have Royalmax branded on the side), yet they are for sure 2 different brushes... So, best answer I can give without seeing at least the actual brush photo's is "maybe" :).

For what it is worth - in my research thus far, the brushes that I have identified that are also being sold as "Royalmax" are being sold under that name at a higher price than the brush can be found elsewhere... A 9cc. .2mm Pointzero runs about $21.00US.

I'll also add that between the four or so different builds I have found, many of the parts are interchangeable. The only sticky part is the nozzle, and some of the head pieces, as they can vary in length, size, and thread pitch...
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Put it this way- I ordered 2 veda's when first started 2 years ago- both worked great. Recently ordered a master with 3 tips all of them a bust!!!- it was horrible. Don't know royal vs veda but have had good experience with veda!
I think that they could be very similar not that I've got any of either models. I do have a couple of cheap replicas though and they work with iwata parts. Are you thinking about buying royalmax then Musky?