Satin black paint job


Double Actioner
Hi guys,
I have been asked to paint a motorcycle tanks satin black with white old skool flames and a red pinstripe. That's all good but how do you go about getting the satin black finish when clear coating?
I know you can get matting agent for the clearcoat but I thought satin black was inbetween Matt and gloss has a slight shine to it?
Please correct me if I am being stupid
satin is... half gloss and matt clear . The flames would still pop but the black would have a small sheen. If Im would pinstipe after clear or have the pinstripe as part of the graphics and finish with the clear...You cannot wet sand, polish or touch this clear with anything after it is done. Same as matt clears.
Sounds like a cool job....
I am thinking of doing a display piece, using Auto Air sealer dark , then graphics or airbrushed graphics, no base coat, then a satin clear. The sealer dark is not full black but it might look cool.

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