Save sheets and printer ink



Hi guys, I found this interesting video

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where the guy exercises on glass. I'm actually sharing this, not for the effects discussion is speaking about (I don't have enough experience to argue about that), but for the usefulness of glass. I think it is interesting ot the ones that don't want to waste paper and printer inks while exercising.
About the discussion of exrcising on glass will improve you skill in effects, is he right?

Hope this help!
This was actually done by one of our members @Seamonkey and I'm pretty sure it's somewhere here on the forum too and is excellent advice. I've done it!!
If you can learn to control your flow on glass then paper will seem so easy :)
Just razor it off, give it a good clean and off you go again!

Monkey man can run but he can't hide !
Oh, actually I didn't think to look for it before posting it. Anyway thanks for confirm the effects discussion!
It's a great technique for learning pinstriping as well. It will lend itself better to some substrates than others but yes, a great way to learn. For example, it is more like spraying on metal than paper. What is really good is you can see the shapes formed really well and if you look at the other side of the glass you can see any pattern defects really easily.
Love this vid. Still use a sponge 2 yrs later to remove tip dry. Works like a charm and have never bent a tip doing it that way.