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Rob S

Tá ag gach duine maidin
(Morning Everyone)

My name is Rob S and i am completely new to airbrushing. I have been wanting to give this ago for a long time now and decided to take the plunge.
I currently have 3 airbrushes, 2 cheap brushes, a .35 and a .5, Gravity feed and bottom feed, i also invested in a Iwata Eclispe bottom feed .5 and got the .35 tip and needle set as well.
I have been practicing a lot lately with trying to control the brushes and getting use to the different feels for them, more practice than actually painting, ha ha ha.

I have also been practicing with stencils and trying to get use to laying down shadows and adding depth and detail to the pieces, but think i may be using to thick a paint, i have tried watering down more and using transparent colours. Take this one for example, Yesterday i mixed 50/50 paint to reducer transparent white from auto-air and got a great flowing paint, was working great on the black background, when i was ready for the next colour, i mixed transparent black again to 50/50 with reducer, but found even with holding the brush back it was getting to dark to quick. Can anyone suggest a different method to this? As i was doing so well until i tried adding the black, also i found i was getting tip dry a lot and the paint was not flowing nicely with the black, i tried reducing the pressure down from about 38psi to just under 30psi and had no effect.

I am aiming towards being able to create a great piece of art that i can spray on my motor bike, but this will be a long way down the line as my art skills, or lack of should i say are very poor.

Any help, tips or tricks that anyone can suggest would be gratefully appreciated.

Rob S
welcome Rob great place to hang out and learn.Post up your practice.
Hi Rob welcome to the forum. You are doing it the right way of paracticing alot. I should also do more practice sheets though but im mostly too busy to even airbrush lately.
You can add more reducer to your black to make it more transparent. If it is getting to thin already and you still want it to be more transpatent you can buy the Transparent Base/Extender
from AutoAir. This is the binder for your color without the pigments, so it will make it more transparent while it also makes it a little thicker again if you had trouble that it was too thin.
About the tip dry i can tell you that you kinda have to live with it when you use AutoAir or other waterbased colors. When you add more reducer it mostly gets abit better, but will never go
away completely. Keep up the practice and you will get the hang to it pretty soon :)
Hi Rob....different paints act differently with different size's really a trial & error thing until you get it right, what works today may not work as well suggestion is to keep at it, practice makes perfect but it will not happen overnight...:)
Welcome Rob!! You are in the right place to learn all that you stated!! Any questions, just ask!

Welcome from the UK, enjoy, pretty damn fine bunch of chaps on here don't you know...wot wot:)
Hi Rob, welcome mate- for some reason black can be a bit of a bitch and it seems like the pigments either clump together or are larger even than some whites. Give the bottle a good shake and maybe try straining it through a stocking before it goes into your airbrush. Reduction and air pressures all sound good:)
Lettuce know if problems persist
Welcome aboard Rob!!! Practice makes perfect my friend, only bad thing, no where in that sentence does it tell us how long before we are perfect, haha. I think you've done your homework, sounds like youre off to good start. Use a dark gray or a medium gray instead of the black if needed. Im not sure what youre trying to accomplish, but it may not work in your situation if your going for a certain look. Post some pics of the practice runs and it will make it easier for everyone to walk ya through it. Great to have ya here, tons of great people with mad skills willing to help one another!!