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Going to buy an Iwata HP-cs after x-mas. My goal to learn a bunch and paint helmets and my track bodywork. I've watched many of Airbrush Tutors video's before I found this site. I have a plan set up for a small room to build in the basement, something like 5'x7'. I have a donner fridge for the compressor and a Grangers about 2 miles from my house. I'll start with my husky compressor for the time being. Also work in HVAC so venting and the know-how for the compressor will be pretty easy. Not sure which website to order everything from TCP global or coastal, they both seem to have the same pricing. There is no local place near by to get any kind of selection or I would go support the little guy. Well I'll be glad to get to know you all, this site seems to have a good bunch without all the flaming. For now I'll just be soaking in all the vast knowledge here.
Hello and welcome PA-USA, this is the best bunch of peeps all will help and great talent to boot.
Welcome from VA! Lot's of awesome info and some really great people on here and some very inspiring artwork. Best of luck in your new adventure! Cheers!
Welcome to the forum. A diy compressor is a great option. Way quieter. I would recommend Coast airbrush for supplies, awesome customer service, and a better track record.

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Welcome home Oldhead , Sounds like you have a great plan , and you have found a great place to learn and ask questions.
Welcome oldhead. Sounds like you're plan is a good one. Hope to see some work when you get some done, and I'm jealous about the comp you're building. Mine scares the crap out of me sometimes when it kicks in:hororr::hororr:!
Hi from the uk, you are going to have the same airbrush as me, great choice. I think it's the best you can get in that price range, but that's just my opinion Lol! Anyway I paint bikes and helmets so it should suit you just fine.
Welcome from NC, USA. You sir/madame are wrong about the flamming. We have plenty of it here. Some are on skulls, some are on helmets, some true fire and some classic muscle car style.:devilish:

As far as negative and non constructive, no these folks are the best out there. They truly are willing to help progress your skill in any way they can.
Welcome from Canada oldhead, if you tel us where your from it might help members suggest local shops where you could get supplies :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Thank you for the warm welcome. I think I will start building my room this weekend. I will take pictures and keep everyone posted
Welcome from Ohio! The HP-CS is a great brush to start out with.. I got mine in October and it's leaps and bounds over the paasche vl siphon feeds I used to have, It struggles with white a little but what I've learned on this forum is that white airbrush paint is just the devil and there's no way around it lol

But at the end of the day, it should serve whatever purpose you require I to... And the best part..... It's as easy and pie to clean!

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Btw hobby lobby has the eclipse HP-CS for 209 and comes with some paints, a moisture filter and some other stuff... After the 40% coupon from either the paper or if you have the iPhone app it comes down to $125 and change.... Just if you need a third option...

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