Scale modelers - Micron?

Just noticing these last couple of replies - I appreciate the input, but already have my new Micron Takumi sitting here so it's a bit late ;)

I already have an HP-C+, HP-CS Eclipse, and a PS-290 for laying the paint on heavy, so I'm certainly no worse off if the Micron doesn't work out long-term. I'll most likely get the Takumi Eclipse too, as I really like the size.

I have a feeling it'll be a "hangar queen" like the other user mentioned above, but hoping it'll come in handy for the fine mottling and German camo on the smaller scale stuff. Sounds as though several people in the modeling community are running the Creos PS-771 with success, so I'd like to think my Micron with the same needle/nozzle will be fine. If not, I'll send it on its way :)

I just wanted to see what they're like to use, and I'm fortunate enough to have the expendable income to try things like this. If I find it a huge headache at least I know I gave it a shot!

Thanks again ya'll, hoping life will slow down for a bit so I can get to work on some of the kits in my model stash.