Scorpion Air Compressors. Anybody know what these are like?



I was in Mitre 10 today and they had a Scorpion Weekend Warrior Air Compressor. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the brand and whether they any good or are just a cheap manufactured brand that wont last very long!and whether it is suitable to airbrushing. Thanks for looking

Here is a link to it
Scorpion 1.5hp Direct Drive Air Compressor SS65
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It looks just like all the other DIY compressors. It will be loud but you can definitely airbrush and maybe even run a small touch up gun with it. I don't see any connectors so you will need a quick connect, regulator and a water trap on there.
Ok thanks the one in the shop has a regulator and moisture trap on it. I was just worried I might end up with some cheap brand that would end up breaking.
It looks exactly like the Sears Craftman I use for my smaller nail guns. I run them pretty much everyday at around 90 psi they are at least 3 years old. You can run a touch up gun with it, If it is anything like the 2 I own The only diff. I can see is mine run on 110 volts
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