Scratch Boards

Greg Geilman

Detail Decepticon!
Color me dumb cus I am, but what about Ampersand scratch boards and scratch tools or is this a completely different animal altogether?
No question is a daft question in this forum :) actually I think ampersand claybord which some of us use is just like scratch board without the black coating. As for scratching tools we tend to use whatever we can get our hands on for the correct result. :)
Sorry for being daft, as I have never used any of them! I was at Dick Blick looking for scratch boards and ran across them. I am wondering what to order?? Lost here.
Lol, seems I cannot even type the name of the site here, lol!
Anyway this is my shopping list so far. Would appreciate comments or suggestions:
Ampersand Claybord - 6" x 8", 1/8" Flat, Pkg of 3
Ampersand Claybord - 6" x 6", 1/8" Flat, Pkg of 4
Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser - Carded, Pack of 3
Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil - with Brush
Alvin Erasing Shield
Derwent Battery-Operated Eraser - Silver
Derwent Battery-Operated Eraser Refill - , Pack of 30
Grafix Stencil Film - 9" x 12", Matte, Sheets, Pkg of 4

I am attempting to locate some Laufer Florett eraser pencils here in the US or at a reasonable shipping price.
Seem to have a good list of itrms there, you might also find a 2mm fibre scratch pen useful. As you start to practice and build up your skills you will probably find you develop a preference for one sort if media and erasing tool, but you have a good selection here to get you started.
I did order a fiber pen and 2 of the 7057 erasers from Tiger Pens in the UK. Will take a few weeks to get here, but that is ok. No rush on this end. Still working on my order from Blick.
As I did, you'll find scratching and erasing will add a whole new dimension to your works!
These skills alone will stand you in good stead.
I'm in the base stage of doing a unicorn pic for my wife [ she just loves 'em! ] and I'm laying out the mane and other bits with a scalpel and elecric eraser.
Have a search around here and I'm sure that there's a tutorial or you-tube vid that shows how its done, I just don't remember where it is!Damn craft!
I would recommend you do a few small ones like mice or rabbits, to begin with.
Easy shapes, but loads of fur.