Scripting on Tshirts



Hi thinking of doing some t shirts, not that common over here as in the US. But want to give it a try.
I have I problem my handwriting sucks!. Any tips to practice scripting guys ?
Theres plrnty of caligraphy sites that will show you how to make beautiful letters and scripts
Poccoinc one of mitches training vids has the exersize with loops .... that's a good starting point, buy do a Google search for 'airbrush scripts' :)
I wouldn't know where to start, apart from, think of it just like a portrait, you are just painting shapes, not metered....try not to give herself more problems by thinking of it as handwriting.....thats how I would approach it anyhow.....for actual fonts you can have a look ok microsoft word done print ours of a series of letters then use as a stencil our map to paint over and dre how closely you can match three shape, muscle memory wool come in time
I also suck at lettering so I take a piece of vine charcoal and lightly layout the lettering to act as a guide for proper size, spacing and design. Then I airbrush right on top of the vine charcoal lines. If there is any charcoal showing when you're done, you can blow it off with the air from the airbrush. The vine charcoal will come off and not stain the shirt.
Jaime Rodriguez(R.I.P.) has a bunch of videos on lettering on youtube. He is no longer with us, but was one of, if not THE, best in the world at lettering. Might want to check out his youtube channel and see if there is anything there that will help you. There's a ton of videos up there, ranging in subjects, but there's plenty on lettering, fonts, techniques, etc...

Here's a link...purejaime - YouTube
Thanks for the help!

found an airbrush action tutorial from Ken Lind online see how that goes