I went to the art supply store yesterday and was shocked at how little the airbrush supply area was ,the online catalog for both these stores , was a good size but in store it was sparce no selection and didn't carry a lot of variety.When I talked to the clerk at the one store he said there is not a lot of demand for airbrush materials so they don't carry it.The other store the clerk said that no one knows anything at all about airbrushing so they don't really know what to stock.......I gave them both some suggestions...don't worry I was nice.....LOL .
It seems like airbrushing is not real popular here.....Is that why a lot of you are buying online,I guess if I want that Badger I may have to shop on line.
they both only carried Creatix paint ..
one carried Grex airbrushes the other Iwata , but only 2 models ... all in the $300-$-400 range.
no needle juice and only golden reducer and airbrush cleaner and no replacement parts at all
Is it like this were you live . :hororr:
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Yep totally lacking. I have to order most everything.

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I found out when I started to a/b last year. I use mostly Auto Air that I get from Currys in Kitchener. You should go for 1/2 drive and check them out. They are off sportsworld drive just at highway 401 and 8 They dont have a huge supply, but what they dont have, they will order and get it to you or for pick-up. There is one girl there that at least knows whats up....check out their web site and even call the store.
I have also checked out hobby stores, but their selection is small and usually expensive.
What sucks is I drove 30 min to Mississauga for DeSerres and then to Oakville for Curry's cause DeSerres didn't have what I wanted .Milton just has Micheal's and its a crappy store for it looks like I have to drive to get supplies and right now.
I am on disability so I can't drive right now I have to talk people into taking me out,or order online.
Next time I go towards Kitchener I will check out the Curry's the one here was sized down and split in half
I find that DeSerres is really lacking in airbrush supply, what is sad is that we only have that store and a Micheal's 30 mins away in my neck of the woods, and both don't have much paint choices. :)
Someone needs to start a national chain of airbrushing supplies. whos loaded with $$ and can do this? :)
I have checked out the Currys in Hamilton and the pickings are slim.
I would love to find some place locally, besides online, that sells the small bottles of Wicked. Ive only seen the basic huge bottles. That much paint would lump before I used Even though I drive, I really dont want to drive an hour each way all the time.
I hate online shopping. I just dont work that way. I am also for shopping local and putting my money near home.
I am now considering the store Idea....A one stop, everything Airbrushing......Investors and/or corporate sponsors please P/M
Ya never know
I don't have any cash to invest but you open it I will come and shop .
Yeah the Curry's in Oakville had the Wicked line bit limited colors in the small bottle like 5 colors and they were $10.00 a 4oz bottle , not bad , I may have to go to Toronto see whats there .
My sisters a artist in Ottawa I may talk to her to check art supply stores in Ottawa and get her to pick me up stuff and ship it to me.
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