Senco pc1010


Air-Valve Autobot!
Just got one of these, and while I may add a bigger tank, most wouldnt need to.

This thing is quiet, enough so you can talk in a normal voice above it, the sound it makes is a low rumble. I will see about video later.

Thought i would toss this out there, they go around 100 bucks here in the states, you could easily use this in an apt setup. Unless you are cranking out 60psi t shirts its one gallon tank is sufficient. (I have a 21gallon compressor if i need to get serious)
Senco quality is generally very high. I bought mine used for 50 bucks from a guy who has been using it for a trim nailer for 3 years.
Ooooh, good to know! I'm beginning to look around for a silent one but they are rare down under.
I have just bought this too and wanted to share how happy I am with it. It is not quite as quiet as the fridge compressor I have but its easily tolerable and does not wake up the house when the family is sleeping. Yay, I get to airbrush at night now! The tank is probably the only thing that I wish was a bit bigger. I have an extra used compressor that I'm thinking of bridging to this one. Is this even possible?

I'm thinking of hooking up the other compressor tank to this and then the output on that tank goes to my moisture trap and then airbrush. Any advice on pros and cons on this? The other compressor is just a 2 gallon tank Spec details


Oh yeah, and it was only $170 can, lower then other comparable units but they are loud AF
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That looks neat. Its quiet, it has a 2l receiver its all you should need, and at that price its good value. Silent compressors over here in the uk start in the £300-£400 bracket and only get more expensive. You will have to use it a bit and then let us know how you get on with it. It sure is a cheap option for you guys in the US and CAN.

So. An update, I ran this compressor from the date I posted this up until I bought my quiet tech a few months ago. Those that know me know I paint a pretty good bit. It was still running fine and has been passed on to a friend who is using it to paint Gundam models now. So 2 years. And it was my go to through last Christmas season, which saw me complete 20 pet portraits in a month. If your running a t shirt shop..go bigger. If your running 35 psi ish, doing panels 12x18 or so it’s plenty.

Wouldn't you need a plug converter as well? What about grounding the device in Kiwi land?
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lol... my 2016 post... depends where it comes from We run Australian plugs OK here as well. If it was 110v I would run it through a converter... fix the plug issue at the same time.