Sepia or Not Sepia



Just received my shipment of wicked paints. Yea, but when I looked at the sepia I was surprised because the color chart shows me a different color than what appears to be in the bottle.

These are pictures of sepia I mixed going by the chart and the sepia I received......can someone tell me if what I received looks right?


if you notice the chart reads over white base and over dark base.. That will give you a different tone to the paint . So yes it is Sepia..
I appreciate your help. I just thought because the bottle I mixed appeared so light and seemed to look like the chart color and the one I rec'd looked so dark there might be something wrong. I had a problem awhile back where some of the bottles I received were mislabeled Createx immediately fixed the problem but now I try to check them out before I use them. I feel better now. Thanks again for your help it is appreciated :)
I thought the same thing But I did a spray out on a light white surface and a dark surface and the matched.