Sepia tones



just wondering, haven't done a sepia tone portrait yet. when I'm using sepia over flesh tones I mix transparent black and red to create sepia. over white or very pale flesh tone this of course looks purplish.what mixes are people using for a base colour and the sepia?
on what surface are you working?and what paints are you using,opaque or transparent?
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Usually working on canvas, but also use primed mdf board. use transparent black and colours, and opaque white. So I'm guessing if I simply mix an opaque colour that replicates sepia, rather than using a flesh base coat to colour shift the transparent red/black sepia mix I'll achieve the same look that I'm admiring? maybe I've been over thinking the whole thing and should just have a go. thanks for your replies by the way ,all and any further input gratefully accepted:smile-new:
Why don't you try over reduced sepia. then you build up the value as you need to. Although my portraits are only black and white, I never use white.