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Setting up a mac valve?

Discussion in 'Airbrush Control & Exercises' started by RichardH, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    Thanks. I already have that and that is what I use now. It isn't very accurate as far as adjusting the air. Turn it just a little and it adjusts the air a lot. It would be nice if the manufacturers would make fine adjustment threads on them. Turn it a lot and it adjusts the air just a little bit would be great. For now it is turn it a very little and it moves the dial a lot. When I get the mac valve, I am going to go through the whole system and set it back up for another style. Not sure how to describe what I have in mind but the California Air comp. has 2 guages on it, one for the max it will build up the tank, the other is for output pressure but no filter. I have another regulator and filter at the desk that I adjust the psi with. The comp. builds up 95 lbs psi and I have the other on on the output for 45 lbs. psi. Then I hose it to the one at the desk. I have a manifold at the desk to give 2 hoses output.
    This is my setup as of now.
    DSC_0024.JPG DSC_0026.JPG
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