several tweeks for infinity


Air-Valve Autobot!
Ok so I have my velocity working like a charm ant so tonight was the infinity's turn to be nit piked and tweaked.first thing was to dis assemble and clean. I removed the needle bearing screw and the triple Teflon seal. I purchased the regular infinity which has a single Teflon seal but after calling precision German airbrush I found out for a couple of dollars I can get the triple seal and longer screw. so I cleaned the inside of the body and made sore i could see clean shiny brass before reinstalling the now Teflon wrapped screw assembly next was cleaning the nozzle and making sure the area inside the body where air comes out was clean and the area where the nozzle seal makes contact was clean and smooth, Il take a moment to say that a very big name in airbrushing told me that the problem with the infinity is the drop in nozzle and its Teflon seal so until i find a rubber o ring which should make a better seal I have to deal with what I have. so the airbrish seems to be working ok but not perfect i have a brand new needle and nozzle however this gun is a year old, beat up, the inside of the body where the nozzle seats was scratched i used compound and an electric eraser to polish it out it worked. so last I have to say is for the fun of it I tried the micron needle and wow I guess its the shorter taper it protrudes less also because the .15 nozzle is smaller Thain the microns.
the infinity has a much finer needle and smaller nozzle and yet the micron does finer micro lines ???? what I am trying to do is get the most ultimate ultra fine micro lines possible. I will try to post pics but i wont unless I get a decent pic
Hi Airbrushingferret - I am keen to see your micro lines - as I am keen on getting myself the infinity. do you have any other tips or review ideas?
other thain buy a micron lol none at this time the infinity is a great little gun just watch the hard landings ( the end of a dagger stroke when you accidentally hit the canvas and bend the needle)
there is not one ab artist on this forum that will not dis agree with what I am aboot to tell you. Air brushes are finicky critters and so is the paint ceartain collor pigments in different brands behave differently. If you look at svees air brush fine detail with water base paint especially the etac he reduces heavily with the etac reducair which i personally am convinced is just re wettable transparent base any way i can pull finer lines Thain any of those videos. it seems to come down to having a clean gun and the paint reduced just right and i dont mean over reducing. i have had my infinity air brush lines that are so fine that i can barely see them i have also had my velocity do the same . my personal favorite paints are com art especially the reds not happy with there black or white to watery also good paints seem to be badger air opaque and etac ( keep in mid i am discusing paint for fine lines) My favorite is etac no tip dry means no having to wory about cleaning the nozzle