shelf life.



was wondering if anyone knew if pre reducing wicked and auto air paints reduces it's shelf life or adhesion properties. with the small size of my hp bp this would be handy.
I once read in a instruction from Createx that was printed in a online shop saying we should not reduce more paint then we can use in 24 hours with the Wicked line.
But i heard of people reducing paint and using it for a longer time and didnt have any problems. I kinda also cant think of a problem that should appear to be honest.
I know if you thinn out a waterbased paint with tap water and keep it for a longer time in a bottle and you open that bottle up after a longer time it will smell like
rotten eggs, thats when you know that the paint went bad. It happens cause of the tap water that has all kind of stuff inside that can rott away with time, it wont
happen with destiled water, and since Wicked uses the reducer i dont think it would go bad either.
Even 24 hours would be a good start. i,ll have a bit more of a dig. cheers mate.
Being I have asked this question to Createx the makers of Wicked /AutoAir. Reduced paint(with approved reducer) in a sealed bottle is good for up to 72 hours after that seeding may occur cause paint issues. reduced paint in the paint cup @70 degrees or above is only 4 to 8 hours (main thing is it drys in the cup.
The factory bottles the paint comes in has a 2 year self life warranty as long as the bottle stays closed.