Shooting spectra tex paint out of a mini hvlp paint gun



i have my old ugly green army kevlar thats just sitting on the shelf...its saturday i dont have any homework and these hvlp paint guns been siting on the shelf *looks at paint gun....looks at helmet...looks at paint gun...looks at helmet* fired up the 5.5 gallon compressor and poured in a reasonable amount of spectra tex black paint in the mini gun and shot it out air regulator at compressor is set at 45 psi but the regulator at my spray gun is dummed down to 20 psi...had to stand back farther than the normal 6 inches im used to and at first when sprayed on it looks like its real real runny but after putting a blow dryer to it IT LOOKS PERFECT!!! did the whole helmet didnt bother to dial in spray gun or anything just plugged it right up and shot it out probbly would look 10 times better hand i actually prepped the helmet and dialed in the paint gun... ill post some pictures up later bout to head out to the pimlaco racetrack tis a huge carshow today...
KEVLAR.jpgKEVLAR 2.jpg its i sprayed it on light but it stuck real real well... Did 1 coat blow dried it off.... Sprayed another coat blow dried it off than went over everything with rusteoleum semi gloss for the mid clear coat...havent figured out what i want to airbrush on it or how i want to do the clear just wanted to see how well spectra airbrush paint would work shooting out of a regular hvlp paint gun and let me tell u it works!!! No reducer no nothing poured it right in the gun and just shoot it
You have more guts than me to do that, lol!! Looks good! Did you try and put some tape on it to see if any would lift off?

helmet.jpg did this to the helmet over the weekend no homeowork no work i did this and a shirt along with practice sheets