Should I jump on this?


Needle-chuck Ninja
I have a line on a Val-Air 50-24 for $750 with one year warranty. What do you think, the same one is a little over a $1000 at Coast. Does anyone have one and have some comments, thanks.
Depends on what you want to do with it.. If you just want to airbrush and use a small efficient mini gun like the Iwata lph 50 or 80 ,you are good to go BUTTTT even at 750 that is a lot of money for a little over 2 cfm.. If you have to go silent it will be great but you can get a fairly quite for a lot less with a lot more muscle SOOOOO it depends on what you plan to do and your environment (IE) people close by that need to sleep or like to bitch
There are a lot of compresser's that are low noise that don't cost alot and come in diff sizes you might want to check some out? if the noise is an issue you could also make one if your able? out of a refer compresser and tank?
Well right now I am using a California Air Tools 1610A with the little 1.6 gal tank and it kicks on every 3-4 min for 20 seconds and I live in a second floor apartment and in order to silence it even more I keep it in a large hall closet to dampen sound. The problem is although she has never got that hot, even with padding it slightly vibrates the floor, plus I have to run a hose 10 ft across the middle of the floor which just looks messy. I want to put the compressor directly under my large custom art desk or to the side of it and have it quiet and clean. I airbrush for 5-8 hours a day doing illustration work for comic and tattoos I do. Anyways I know it's a lot of "horsepower" for just one illustrator in a home studio but I figure that I would never have to worry about overworking it or it getting to hot.
Oh ya also if I want to expand to other things like tanks and helmets and what not it should be enough for a larger gun for clears and whatnot
It should work ok for what your asking,and quite for the people who live below you,I was just trying to save you some cash
like I said no full size guns but it will push a lph 50 or 80 that with the right set up will clear a tank and smaller items just fine Your california is 1 horse 3.8 cfm@ 40lbs and the val air is only 1/2 horse and less cfm without me looking up the exact stats. So basically if you add a spare tank to your cal it will kick in a lot less than the val BUUUT it sounds like you def. need quite