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Hello forum dwellers.

I've been painting for maybe a month now using an Iwata Eclipse hp-cs, in black and white wicked detail.
To be honest, the white hasn't seen much use at all other than the occasional highlight.

I'm looking to add some colour to my collection and was after some recommendations.
At this stage I'm just painting on paper and canvases, which will probably remain the majority of my work.

Should I just stick with wicked and pick up some red/blue/yellow?
Should I make the change to something else?

**Bonus question:
I like to use bright colours every now and then and was looking at the fluorescent 6 colour set from Createx. Does anyone have any experience painting with them?

Thanks as usual.
I would stick with Wicked for now... Staying with the same system will be easier on your pocket book because you already have the black and white and different paints have different spray characteristics (your reduction ratios and psi settings may work well with the Wicked line, but you may not get the same results with another brand of paint which can be frustrating). I would also recommend adding a violet to your blue, yellow and red colors. Although you can mix a violet with red and blue, often times you cannot get the same vibrant color by mixing it compared to the pigments used straight from the bottle.

The Createx fluorescent colors are very bold colors. I use them all the time on t-shirts. Keep in mind the Createx line was designed for textiles (can be used in fine art as well though) and is more viscous compared to the Wicked. Again, you might have to change your reduction ratios and/or psi settings to achieve the same spray properties you are used to with the Wicked line.
Spectra makes some pretty cool fluro colors, haven't used any others yet as I've generally avoided such in the past..But would go with what wicked mentioned..No harm in starting to collect some different paints but keep each to use for its best purpose, createx is more a textile paint, maybe for fine art you try something else and keep the createx for some T-Shirts and such..That way you have the best paint for its best purposes..
Thanks for the advice guys!

How do the createx illustration colours compare to the wicked colours?
The are priced fairly similar, but I'm not sure what the difference is.

Lastly. What is the purpose of the transparent base?

As usual, thank you all very much!
If you're going to stick with the wicked, I would get the wicked detail magenta (for your red) the cobalt blue (blue of course) and the detail yellow for your yellow. You can mix any color from those except maybe some of the earth colors such as burnt sienna, umber or yellow ochre. All from the detail line of wicked.
I have used the fluorescent colors from wicked. They shoot nice. But fluorescent colors are not light fast.

As for your other question regarding the transparent binder, you can use it to prep a shirt to do fine detail on it. Spray on the binder, let dry, and press the shirt. Keeps the nap down so that the overspray doesn't catch it so bad.

Secondly, you also use trans binder to extend a color even further than you could with just reducer alone. Over reducing alot can break the binder causing adhesion problems down the road. You have to replace some of the binder to help with the integrity of the paint film.

I really like the illustration colors from Createx. They shoot very nicely. The white is more transparent, more like a zinc white instead of titanium.
The colors are transparent for the most part, not because of extra binder or trans base added, but because they are the pigment named and the binder, no white to make them opaque. You add that yourself if you want an opaque color. And the pigment load is downright delicious. Nice and heavy! You can almost use them like a candy or glaze reduced down. But, they are for illustration purposes. Canvases, illustration etc. Not so much automotive etc. Not saying they couldn't just not what they were designed for.
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Thanks Granny!
I think that all makes sense to me.

Maybe a silly question, but would it really matter if I used the wicked detail reducer with the illustration colours? and vice versa...
How about mixing the transparent bases?
i would have to agree with wicked even though i dont think il ever use detail again ever since i stopped the issues iv had also stopped i would recommend com art or etac the efx it the same idea as the illustration base except you can also use it with the private stock (no more tip dry) and the efx washes off with windex even after its dry ounce for ounce createx is a lot cheaper
As for mixing the illustration colors and the wicked detail.... they have different binders. You can mix them within a painting but I wouldn't recommend it in the cup.
The reducers aren't the same either. I can't tell you what's in them but they do smell slightly different from one another.