Silent Air Compressors in Australia.? Help me Mitch!



Evening all.
Been a long time since I posted here, and I've spent a large portion of that time building, tinkering and generally failing to construct a reliable silent air compressor.

I've about had it with the DIY and am now leaning towards purchasing a decent silent air compressor.

Problem is, Australia seems to be ridiculously expensive as far as silent compressors go.

I saw that Mitch bought a "Bambi" silent compressor, but quoted the price in British pounds, which seems to be the only place to buy them. However postage is very expensive for such an item.
Also, I tend to spray large scale works and use a lot of air. So I need something with a decent tank and a reliable motor that will keep working.

a) Mitch, are you still happy with this compressor? Would you recommend it?
b) Any idea where I can get a decent/affordable silent compressor in Australia?

Cheers everyone.
Ain't Mitch but do live in Australia..Recently we caught up with the rest of the world and got this fandangled interweb thingy..LOL.

In other words-tried Ebay m8? LOL..

I bought a twin cylinder artlogic silent styled compressor for $150 I think, shipped outta QL somewhere and had it within half a week..Now personally most silent compressors suck, well they are designed to do that LOL, but suck they do, they get too hot, produce way too much water and are generally no where near as silent as thought, but if thats what your after and you want high quality that may not get quite as hot or produce quite as much water but ya prob looking in the $500 and up range and that may buy you about 10 decibels less, but generally on a larger storage tank so condensation is also less of an issue. Under that mark, you will likely end up with something you will only use on occasion when really needed as it will create as many issues for you.

have you considered a larger storage possibility for a normal compressor so you can paint a few hrs in between charges? In the long run, that imo works out a lot quieter, but unless ya need to be fully mobile I wouldn't bother with one personally. GL
The interwebs hey... They have that on computers now?

My problem is finding a local (australian) distributor for any of the recommended brands. Shipping internationally costs a fortune.

I run through air fairly quickly as well, so I need a decent motor that wont overheat and cause other issues.

Plus I paint in a shared studio space, so I can't run a normal compressor without annoying all my neighbours.

First world problems here.
:)..Looks like ya gonna be spending some coin then..Give ya an example..This is the model I have-

This is prob what ya more likely need if ya want the extra storage and something thats gonna go for a bit-

Note the price difference LOL, realistically as soon as you add a decent sized tank to a silent compressor, price seems a little silly, you could use the twin posted first to pump a extra storage tank like a gas bottle or such but it likely will take half an hr of constant running to supply enough into the storage tank to paint for an hr or two absolutely silent. Or buy a setup that has the tank already built in but price wise I know what is a LOT cheaper and will do the same job. If you are sharing workspace note the Decibels on the expensive model..It still is at around 50 decibels which ain't slient LOL, 70 decibels is considered on the point of damaging hearing if constant, they sell these as silent though I have only ever found one model under the 40 decibel range which is considered like converstaion level, that was a silentair and again was close to 7-800 bucks (Without a large air storage) so maybe ask yourself- With a good storage ability wld those you share your workshop with enjoy constant noise going all the time as with a "silent" compressor or a loud noisy comnpressor that you may only need to turn on 4-5 times a day for a 5 minute stint?

Oh btw not sure what the postage is like from those links and not suggesting so much an artlogic for your needs, but it may give you a good idea on price comparrison, also have you tried Airbrush Megastore? The postage there is usually pretty good but prices are marked up in comparrison to what others around the world get, suppose thats the dram of living down under LOL..Good luck bud.
If you already have a compressor that meets your needs as far as capacity is concerned, you could remove the motor and install one or more fridge compressors and make your own, it would even be cost effective to pay a compressor repair technician to do it for you if your not that handy.

I had a look at the bambi compressors and to honest I can see anything on them at all that can justify the ridiculous prices they ask for them, the obvious important part is the fridge compressor, but you could buy a new one of these separately for around 120 dollars, combine this with a standard D.I.Y. shop compressor which has everything else you need after removing the motor and you could still be under 300 dollars..

Just an idea
You can also look for a medical compressor like these It's the same motors that are on the GMC and California Air compressors. I've been using a similar one for over 3 years now and they are perfect for my needs. Quiet enough not to wake the missus in the room right next door. And mine is only a 6L one. That 30L will use the motor even less.
Thanks guys. Gives me a few options to look into.

I actually pulled apart my old compressor from bunnings and fitted a fridge motor to it. Worked great, for a month or so.
But now the pressure relief valve from the tank has broken and getting a decent seal/connection between parts has been a nightmare. I just got fed up with repairing the thing.
(I think a lot of the issues were due to not using a filter between the fridge motor and the tank. Oil ended up through the whole system)

I might actually talk to a repair store and see if they will custom build me something for a good price.
I need compressed air...
Yer they may be able to make you up an adapter to better seal ya unit..Or they may giggle their arses off when they see your Frankenstein compressor, either way m8, hope ya get it sorted GL..