Silent air Scorpian II overheating



My silent aire Scorpian compressor is getting very hot, I know it's meant for light duty, it's just your average generic no tank small comp. but I don't run it for more than an hour or two at a time, usually it runs in a pulse pattern, on for a second, off for a second, but now it is running erratically at times like an engine missing and stumbling, just wondered if the air control valve is going out?
Any ideas? Thanks guys!
Those thankless machines are useless. Only the best brands have ones that work properly. Even with a tank they get hot and have to be rested for 30 minutes or so. You can try and have a fan blow air on it constantly.
Thank you Andre, I figured as much, but I bought it and a Vega 2000 ab for $85.00 and it's held out over a year, so prob time to upgrade!
Can the erratic running of the compressor effect the airbrush performance? Looking for an argument to get a new one!!! LOL
When it's totally quite I can hear the metal diaphragm clicking on and off erratically I'm sure it's effecting pressure, can I change this, or fix it till I can get another compressor?
Thank you so much!!!!! Yes this is what I needed, :thumbsup::)nah, I really didn't kmow if I could get a part that would work for it, but, I need to get a better one anyway.