SilentAIre Super Silent 20A vs Iwata PJPro

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Wayne Wickers II

Both very similar. Both relatively same price. Any opinions? Thanks.
Being I have never had any luck with studio compressor due to they all seem to over heat and have a short life, I opted for the Silent aire 50which so far both the one here at work which runs 8 hours a day 5 days a week and the one I have at home which maybe gets 3 hours of run time a day are both over 7 years old .
At 3.4 liter tank on the Iwata you are getting more tank space at .8 of a gallon vs .4 which the Silent aire shows.
Thanks. I got 20 years from my first Super Silent.
I'm looking for something that I can use every day industrially as a business tool for multiple hours a day would you recommend this compressor to me? Also what horsepower is it if that even matters