Silhouette Portrait vinyl cutter


Young Tutorling
Hi guys!
Fairly new here...
I'm doing a goalie mask and I'd like to put the name on it (5 letters).
I don't want to free hand it and vinyl sign cutter shops have min. of > $40 or so.

Has anyone used SILHOUETTE products for vinyl cutting? Namely the cheap PORTRAIT?
It's $100!!!! I'm thinking of getting one and assuming it can print a name in bible-font (like Detroit Tigers "D").

Any opinions?
I have used a Cameo that belonged to a friend, which I believe is an older version of this. It could cut any font she had in her list, or that she could upload and extract from font sites. It worked really well. She advised me to stay away from very small curly fonts as they didn't always come out too well, or were easily damaged picking them out.
I've edited the title for future search purposes

Lots of people use the Cameos without issue. realistically all you can do wait for a few more responses and then make a decision.
I use the SILHOUETTE ( found it online for $180.00) it has enough fonts to do most of want you would want. I had at one time Sign lab and a 24inch Rolland cutter (didn't keep up with the updates and they became outdated unless you have Windows 98) and for what I use this Silhouett for, it does just as good a job at cutting vinyl mask as the Rolland did. For the money, it is a great little tool. As Squishy said, the really small letters (tiny) are hard to cut and even harder to weed off the vinyl.
I'm astounded at the amount of detail my cameo is capable of doing. I have one of those chinese 24" cutters and that cameo can run circles around.
My wife has a silhouette and it's amazing for just about anything. I use it to cut stencils out for airbrushing, she uses it for her vinyl business..tiny tiny lettering or really intricate curls are hard to weed out..but for the money it is a workhorse
There you go, some great reviews. If you can get hold of one cheaply then its a great start and you can always upgrade at a later date. I have a 24" Foison cutter, it does good but tiny stuff is hard to weed.

Yeah, my wife and I do that. Different blades for cardstock, photo paper etc, and others for the different vinyl. Getting good vinyl helps alot too..its worth the extra money
That does it! I'm getting one.
It will pay for itself if used 4-5 times I think.

Heck, one thing I want is just want a perfect little diamond!
I'm finding it hard to do with an Exacto and 49 year-old eyes!
I have a Cameo and I could not do with out it now. It can cut really small. I just cut little Maple leaves for my wifes nails and it never sneezed.
I think the Portrait is not as versatile as the Cameo.