Silicone on trigger?



Howdy from the west coast of Canada.
Anyone done a "mod" on their airbrush trigger? I'm using an Iwata HP-CS. Thinking I'd like something with more "friction" on the trigger surface than chrome. Thinking of tactile feel of silicone would help my trigger finger have more control.
Even thot something like "Plasti-Dip" might work....or putting on one finger off a silicone glove on my trigger finger when I'm airbrushing.

Wide open to suggestions to a newbie,
Thanks, Saddlestrum
Check out and do a search for Trigger stix. They increase the height of your trigger (better control) and provide the friction youz are looking for
Tightening your trigger adjusting rod will do same thing. I would think adding any resistance to the trigger itself would cause it to stick at the worst possible time

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Or replace spring with a stiffer one. Me personally I like zero resistance and a soft pull and often replace my springs with the ones in pens

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Never needed to hack my trigger LOL..Am happy generally jumping from one type to another but maybe I'm just blessed with the right shaped hand and most guns trigger heights etc feel good for me..I'd be worried myself about not having that direct control and if there's any movement within whatever it is to make it higher or more grippy then that may reduce my feel of control but its a personal thing and trying it certainly can't hurt to find out if it would suit you..GL
I've tried a couple of things. A leather pad hot glued to the top of the trigger gives a nice feel. You can also buy self stick bumpers that give better traction and raise the height a bit. There is a picture at the bottom of this page.


I like mine ground down at an angle. It gives you more leverage and also adds a slight rough texture that's still soft feeling

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I use to build mine up with hot glue.


But I've since changed my grip and only drag the back end of the trigger. On the Eclipse and Micron the trigger is rounded so I added some Sugru self setting rubber just to give it some grip.