Simple blends question



Im working on the blends practice sheet and wondering how everyone else gets the effect.
1.) Push down for air
2.) Begin movement
3.) Pull back for paint and lay down your line. Now here is where my question is. At the end of the line do you stop the paint flow and then repeat just moving the opposite direction, basically "stacking" lines that gently drop in intensity? Or do you guys just stay on the paint and move fast enough while slowly moving away to create the effect/fade?
Im assuming once you start the effect you dont stop the paint until the desired outcome.
But it would also make sense to be snapping on and off for paint quickly.
Anyway hopefully Im being clear in what Im asking here lol
Thanks in advance
Hi Stroked,
When i did it i stopped the paint on the end of the line and then started my next line again and further away from the canvas.
Just be carefull that you dont have a blob on the end or the start of your lines.
Keep the air on and move before you pull back for paint and keep moving after you stop the paint then you can go straight into the next line and start the paint again (the air will already be on), and doing it in a kind of zig zag motion is good as it gets you used to doing it in both directions. Pull the trigger back and let go quickly while moving for a clean beginning and end. Pulling back away from the surface will widen your lines, so pull back less for paint
Personally I don't try relining a fade, I like to adjust the angle of the airbrush on each pass instead and lift away from the fade at about a 45 degree angle to allow overspray to help..GL
I'll try this tomorrow when I get off work.
I just didnt know if the proper way was to snap on and off the paint every time you made a stroke. I practiced more today and noticed that the only way to get a clean blend was to snap on and off with every stroke. Before I was just constantly spraying while moving quickly back and forth, while pulling away slowly to lessen the intensity, but the ends of each stroke always had that weird barbell effect. Basically it looked like two dots with a connecting line, the blend itself was great lol.
I've watched Mitch's video of him doing blends a million times but I cant see his index finger well enough to see if he was snapping on and off every stroke, or if he was on the paint the entire time.
Anyway...practice, practice, practice, practice and more practice tomorrow.
I do more like ace mentioned above, but I have done the other way also and squishy's description it spot on how to go about it. You have to start and stop at the end of each pass or you will have dark blobs at the end of each start and stop point.

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