Siphon airbrush question?



OK I have a 155 anthem, it's my first brush, and it seems to have a lot of excess paint in the siphon tube of the brush when I remove either bottle with adapter or cup that came with it. Is this normal? Am also having flow issues and I am curious if they are related. Thank you in advance and have a great day.
generally once you disconnect air or not spray at all, that paint in the tube shld go back down into the gun, what likely is happening is when you disconnect its actually the paint in the gun coming out? As thats also full with paint and can hold paint pending of course how ya sit your brush, I sit mine leaning to the front, this stops the paint going back to the bottle, ya disconnect and whammo paint everywhere..Tip your gun back for a minute or so towards the rear and it may help drain some of that excess paint out, or like me, get into the habit of wrapping a rag around the bottle when you plan to remove it, so yer I'd say pretty normal for a siphon and prob not related to any spray issues unless of course ya paint tube is heavily gunked up..Use a toothpic or thin piece of wire that bends to clean it out, especially near the 45 degree angle if yours arn't sdtraight..Good luck..
Thank you RebelAir I thought it was just me. I clean the siphon tube on the brush with a dental brush that reaches all the way through to the nozzle. I of course have already removed the whole front of the brush, and flushed it with a dropper by then. I will have to try tipping it back before I remove the paint container next time.
When you tip it back, pull back on the trigger but don't press down. The paint should drain out faster.

OK thanks Don. Still use your sight as my cleaning and reference bible.