Sketching on metal


Johnny T.

Hello everyone, I have done the search for what I need. But no luck. Probably because I can't spell worth a /#÷$^, sorry. My question is what type of marker or pencil can I use for sketching or tracing on metal surface that has been painted with enamel, urethane paint. I will be using house of kolor paint and candy kolor. Thanks for any help in advance.
Chalk is what I use on metal . I can sketch it out map it in and then wipe off the chalk .
Thanks Mr.Micron, that would be excellent since I use chalk quite a bit in my line of work.
stabilo all pencil
I have use stabilo pencil too except I had a problem with it and the problem is the pencil would never be where I left it , It must of grew arms and legs and walked off :D
I even put it in a locked pencil case and when I went to get it again it was gone....???
So I stick with chalk I figure if Craig Fraser and Corey Saint Clair can use chalk so can I , But I did love using the stabilo pencil.
That sounds familiar, some how or another my tools come up missing or there not where they should be. Lol.
I have the Staedtler Lumocolor non-permanent pencils in various colours and the Faber-Castell in black. The Faber-Castell one is a bit more difficult to remove than the Staedtler ones. Yesterday I got the General's Scribe-All ones at a local shop on sale. They work really well and wipes off really easy. They are waterbased so they will not interfere with any paint. The supplied sharpener is useless. Package cost me about $2 but that was on sale.

Personally just sketch with the airbrush, saves a step and if trying to draw out a whole car design I'd suggest trying the idea as that step likely is hours upon hours of extra work..Keep it highly reduced and won't be seen at all through the work and if it does just adds extra dimension, texture etc to the work but really depends I suppose on what your painting or how exact you need your guidelines for the mapping.
Thanks RebelAir, I like the idea of doing that but I'm not that good at doing by looking at my reference. I started to use a projector for now. But I have been working on doing it your way. I have watch many of your videos one in particular. The one you are doing the skull were you use the air brush for maping it out. You use line for finding the center and location of the eyes and nose bridge. By the way I have enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing them.