Skull Guitar Tutorial


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Been awhile, took a little extended airbrushing holiday...basically just needed a break after a cple of years flat out on it...

Am trying to get back into the swing and get the desire back, so started editing up a video tutorial of the skull guitar I did awhile back..Hope it helps out a few and also hope you have all been well..Will try to get a new one out each week if I can until its all up'd, also have a fair bit of work to get into so am hoping to bring a few more new vids out over the coming months...Chat soon..

Def have to check it out when I have some time.

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Am kicking back into gear a bit again, finally LOL..Wish they sold motivation down the local..Hard to find the time to edit these up but will hopefully keep em coming I hope as I'm reducing the length a bit to make life easier and to hopefully get them up'd in HD...

Great seeing you finding the time, Always love seeing you video's and I know for me they have helped a lot.
Latest part to the series, I can only dream the NBN (Australia's attempt to catch up with what the rest of the world had for internet 10 years ago LOL) gets to my front door so I can upload these video's a little quicker, took near 10 hours for this segment LOL, gonna kill my poor laptop :)

Thanks Rebel.. I really like the way you are incorporating the pic guard .. Seems most everybody removes or masks it. I am not saying that is bad What I am saying is that I really like your take on this Looking forward to more Regards Kurt
Back at this series, dunno what happened to the videos above, maybe disappeared when playing with my channel awhile back..Killing me to upload these, yesterdays was started at 9 in the morning and finished processing at about 1.30 this morning(for a 1 hr long vid LOL), not liking me at all at the moment :(..Hope they help out a few with idea's on starting these kind of projects out, texture layering and some other goodies I probably babble on about in them, the next couple are ready to go but may need to break them down to smaller chunks and will upload them hopefully soon after the computer has a break :), but will likely only add up to the end of the initial layering needs, am considering turning the rest into my first DVD formatted piece as I'm really over Youtube atm..

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Next couple..Stepped down from HD as its just beating my computer up..My laptop just doesn't like to have to run 12 hours straight and smells kinda funky when I try LOL..So may not be quite as clear as the first four but they upload in an hour and I like that bit..

Cool project and thanks for all the work uploading these videos for us. Its very much appreciated! You're the best! :thumbsup::thumbsup: