Snap On Airbrush

I'm not sure if I'd call $207,- cheap :p.

For that price you can get a more than decent airbrush from one of the top brands. Where I to spend that money I'd rather spend it on an airbrush from a brand that specialises in airbrushes (if only for the fact that that way I know spare parts will be easily come by and will remain avaliable)

As to ho it works, no clue, never tried one 9and couldn't find any reviews with a quick search) :D
I don't want to buy it ... i'm a mecanix and i HATE snap on ... but I just ask because I've just see that on the website , and they put no specs at all ... so it's a kind "suspicious" :p
Not too sure but they might be Devilbiss??? I had a Devilbiss Dagr, and hated it, it was very poor and very badly made, I sent back 2 that they themselves admitted were unusable. But that's just my experience, and I know their big guns are good. Anyway, whatever the snap on ones are, for that money I would be looking at something else.
Price wise it is better to just buy an Iwata , Badger, H&S , or any other self branded airbrush.
Hunting down the tool truck when your in the middle of a job is a pain in the arse.
According to what I have been told by the Snap on , Mac and Matco dealers their airbrush and spray guns are made by Devilbiss.
I just bought one brand new and really liked it for my first airbrush job. Although I picked it up for $80 cash and an Iwata compressor for $75. Thank you Craigslist :). But do not ask me to compare it to any other brush, because "I do not know what I do not know"