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I painted a hard hat and shipped 24 hours later. Finish was glass perfect and crystal clear. The customer received it by mail 2 days later and it has 2 solvent pop areas. How long should I wait before shipping to help prevent this. Temps outside here are in the 90's so I'm sure that is what caused it.
I wouldnt think that temp would cause it (many clears optimal range is 60-95, humidity less than 70%..Maybe your humiditys high?), most paints cure fine without extra heatlamps etc at around those temps and also underlights which is hotter still, sure it wasn't a contaminant, bit of stubborn fingerprint grease or sumfin, I assume you degreased well prior to clearing and through every stage including prior to airbrushing?. 24 hours is about the curing time when not baked (Depends of course on type and brand), and obviously varies pending on the outside and inside temps if your just sitting it at your paint station to cure, maybe next time whack it out in the sun (After its flashed and is past touch dry) if ya didn't this time and it will cure quicker. But to be safe, maybe wait till at least 48 hrs later to ship, shld be well and truely cured by then one would think unless ya in siberia or australia atm cause its bloomin cold here LOL..Soz to hear, its coming back is it?
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24 hours at 75 degrees and then it shipped in 90 plus with humidity of 80 and above
I would say minimum wait before shipping has to be 36 hour cure. Single stage paint without a hardner will cure in this time so any 2 part paint will.

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Some clears take up to a week to come to "full hardness", and it can take weeks for them to gas off completely.

I try to make sure I have a two or three day window at the end of any project to let everything cure before the parts go out. If I was mailing something, 3 days would be the absolute minimum I would wait to send it out. I'd be much more comfortable waiting longer, if I could.

At 24 hours, even speed clears are still pretty early in the hardening stage, and are much more prone to damage, and, if something (like, say, plastic bubble wrap) was blocking the escape of the gasses, it can produce solvent pop.

The weather can play a role in dry times, recoat windows, etc, but for the off-gassing, it's not going to have too much effect, unless it's very cold or you're using a baking cycle.
We use 2k clear, and by QUEENS LAW, Minimum, and I mean absolute Minimum time, that I keep them after clear is 36hrs, just because thats how I rule the kingdom. Just makes a safer finished project that way. And, in the summer time? Once they are dry, I take them in the yard, and let the sun cook it, and let it breath. (All this damn pollen pending lol) Clearing golf cart bodies tomorrow, and the dude is coming Monday night, I said, na, I dont think so, but, if your taking them, you better figure out how your transporting them, cause if you stack them, your asking for trouble.
If I'm clearing and someone wants the item quickly, I refuse to post, and they either have to collect or, pay me to deliver. Otherwise it's a minimum of 1 weeks wait - longer if possible, and then it's made clear that damage during posting, is at the customers own risk. I make it clear that this is how I do things before I start the project, and they have to agree to it before I continue.
Hard hat came today. Wasn't solvent POP. Was just something that got spilt on the hard hat. I buffed it for all of 5 seconds and it is fixed. Don't know if the post office did it or the customer. Oh well.