some help with the names here



I don't know where to search here so maybe someone can explain. or help with a dictionery
I see that near each profile name there is green bar or something. I would assume that people that are here a lot of time will have 2 or 3 but it's not like this
if I point it says: ".xyz is on dist...road"
then - in the bottom of the nickname there are some description
I for example am " Moisture Trap Monkey! "
is it a function of how many posts have you made?
well I think that the aim (or target - I guess) of the question is clear :)
You basically answered your own question lol. The green bar is a "reputation" meter, probably has something to do with frequency of posts and likes received. I'm new to this forum but most forums follow the same basic layout. the "moisture trap monkey" is a function of how many posts you have made yes. The more you post, the name changes to whatever the admin of site has deemed it to be.
yup all correct..... the reputation bar hasnt really changed much over the years however..... if it was working properly i think my reputation would be lower than when i first joined hehehe