Some tips for airbrushing;)



It just came to my mind that I know some tips and trick and I want some of you to know them, for me not just to forger to tell you:))
So the first one is: when you work on some picture and you are already messed up with it and you just don't know what else to do with it, you can do the following: make a photo of YOUR work and print it. Then compare it with the printed original. It helps me a lot especially when I'm already done with my work.
The second one is quite close to the first one: when you are almost done, make a photo of your work, transfer it to your computer and flip it horizontal. You'll see difference clearly;) It also helps me a lot, especially when I work on animals and I'm already lost in the fur))))
Maybe some of you already knew these tricks, maybe not. Hope they are helpful:)
I'll try to remember something else.
Thanks for the tip!
I'm having a big block with my skull right now, but I reckon that perhaps a different perspective will clear things up for me.
Good tip Anastasia.

As my paint room is quite small I can not step back more then like 2 paces, so I take photos of my work and view it on the camera screen. That's like standing 20' away and you are taking pics for your step-by-step at the same time.

Also, when I can not see mistakes anymore, I just get away from it for a few hours. It rest your eyes and you can then see everything better again.