some word on the paasche turbo



i want to know about the paasche turbo. i know its been around almost a 100 years,it must be one of the very few things that has been design and still is in production almost with no serious changes in the design in the world.i saw, i guess, strictly attitude´s post and also there is actually a retailer here thats selling it at a very good price(seems he doesn´t know its real value),but i want to know really,who has use it,pros and cons of this particular airbrush.

you must know that am saving for a richpen super tuned phoenix, so, the turbo,is it better or should i stay with my original plan?
Ultraz, I can't give you much info, just what I have read in the past about the turbo. It takes alot of work to get them set up correct and it's real fussy about how thin the paint is. I also read that when they are set up correctly, they work like a dream.
Like I said, probably doesn't help you much but it's all I remember from what I read.
Stay with the original plan I own one they are a headache and pain to get tuned in mine sits in a drawer the only cool thing is mine is 1940's or 50 model. If you really want one I would trade mine for some thing else.
I really like the turbo. I've got my tuning down to a science. The detail it can produce is insane and it does it with little effort (once tuned). With that being said. It takes a while to get use to using and tuning it. It might be frustrating for most. I think the downside to it other then the tuning is, it only does detail. It's not very versatile. I would suggest to go with your original option. It has great detail capabilities and is also versatile.
There are several things to adjust, using the Turbo, all of which affects the other:

1. the reisitance of the turbo - making it run faster or slower
2. the needle travel - making it travel smaller or greater distances, picking up more or less paint
3. the air pressuer to the turbo, making it run faster or slower
4. the air pressure that blows the paint off the needle
5. the angle of the paint cup - making paint exit easier or less easy
6. the angle at which the airstream hits the needle tip

It took me about a month to figure out how to adjust each of them for one particular paint and mix-ratio. You may have to make slight alterations for other brands of paints or mix-ratios.
thank you people for your got me thinking.and thank you ignis for the blog´s resources.
If I ever got on who wants to be a millionaire I would definitely have ignis as my phone a friend cause I know if I didn't know the answer to something I could guarantee ignis has already wrote a whole blog on it haha ;o)
mm I saw one used in an Airbrush show and had to have it :)and bought one of ebay for an steel (40-50's) with didn't run
I only got it to run for now, it sit on my desk and being pretty.
and you post made me want to pick it up again and getting used to it.

Thanks for filling my free time in for figuring out the turbo :)