someone experience with chrome color lacquer?



i read something about that and its look amazing, i love it

you have to start whit 2k lacquer black ultra shiny
then dust in 2 -3 times with the chrome color for the chrome effect
when i want then transparent candy colors for the color effect?
for the finish than water based 2k lacquer Clear or then ultra shiny 2k Lacquer Clear
I have used these products a few times to reproduce ghost chrome on wheels and chrome bike decals . I like them but to get the best results you need the black base to be as shinny as possible to give the best effects . You do in deed dust it on lightly and build it up to your required finish the more you put on the more silver it will become . You can get the chrome effect in water base now ,but i have yet to try it . My recommendation is that once you have applied the chrome always use a clean duster to gently polish it up .Once this is done a water based intercoat clear should be used ,WHY ? this reduces the chrome drop off when you apply your clear top coat .IMHO its worth the extra effort . There are a lot of chrome effects and i have used rainbow chrome which is superb on wheels