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Hi all, new ton the Forum, so saying hello first.

Question. Is it essentail to keep the air flowing all the time amd then bring paint in and out or is it quite normal and acceptable to operate both air and paint similtaneously.

I seem to be better at the latter, and if I try and keep the air trigger down I can't see, to bring paint on and off qickly enough and I put paint where I don't want to or its come sout to thick.

I can seem to do small details and thinner daggers etc if I do the two on and off together.

Help and Advise please.


Welcome and enjoy the ride.

Personally I have the air on as I get close to the piece and air off as I step back. I think this is a good habit as their might have some paint in the nozzle and if you start air close to the piece, paint might spray on your piece.
I too have air on all the time, Mainly because sometimes you mind over thinks the process and you pull back the trigger ever so slightly and bam a big splat of paint where you do not want it.
I also try to keep the air on all the time. I have had some issues where I let the air off and then the paint off, I push the air back on and get small little splatters. Air always on is what the pros tend to say.
I learned on an old badger single action brush, and still find myself going back to the old habit of old habit of starting the air at the same time as the paint... its a bad habit that I work on constantly to over come, as I have the same issues as jgny1 where I can get some stray paint shooting when the air starts... very frustrating when you're working on detail work.
I think it's a good habit to keep your air on. Then when painting daggers, and lines, etc get your hand moving and just pull back for paint where you want it to start (and the opposite stop where you want to finish but keep moving your arm). This will keep your lines crisp and clean, and you won't have to worry about air as it will already be on. It can take a bit of getting used to, but after a while it becomes second nature, and you won't even think about it.
Same here I've been using a fairly cheap airbrush that keeps acting up, I've got in the habit of charging my air away from the paper then moving to the paper, i actually always have a paper towel at hand and charge my air pointing at it

no need for apologies these are some really good folks around here and they are more than happy to help.

if you haven't seen them yet check out Airbrush tutors videos they will help a lot. and of course by all means ask
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Keeping the air on is essential. It is what provides you with control over your airbrush. Exactly as micron said, if you cut both off at the same time you'll begin to see splatters at the beginning off your lines, not to mention the damage you can do to your tip if you're letting the brush 'flick' off. You have a double action trigger so that u can double action. Check out my 'how to control an airbrush video'- I know I seem like an idiot but this shows the fundamentals to controlling ur airbrush.
Short answer, yes, you must always hold the air on.