sorry to brag - deals out there!


jared pittman

So I bought a brand new v1 cmsb off ebay for $200 got it in mail had a little blue paint on needle told seller he gave me $50 back on paypal thats brand new cmsb for 150 called coast airbrush they said ya sometimes Iwata leave blue paint at factory- like v1 trigger anyways cant beat that just proud of purchase And price- didnt need another micron oh well !
People selling microns left and right on ebay as of late
People selling microns left and right on ebay as of late

That's a shame, I wanted one from the middle;)

You got a great deal, and you have every right to brag, we all would:) the blue paint is normal, iwata test all their top models and sometimes miss one when cleaning afterwards, I hope you have many years of pleasure out of it:thumbsup:
The blue was the test paint where the factory test them. Should have the spray out card with it.
It does have spray card- now this isnt red box but still killer- seller was sorry it had blue paint in it!
Version one a long time ago were in a black cardboard box. I regret getting rid of mine. Some day I will replace it.

Paint on
Called iwata it says BJ on the side they said BJ from 2002 but when I got it was brand new guy got it from dixie art. Guy went crazy bought 5 airbrush in one year- liked infinity never used cmsb- ill take it!
congrats, the red box is nice but not essential to the working of the brush, and mine doesnt live in its pretty red house anyway. you can replace the v1 trigger with the v2 if you wish, i've done it on my cm-b.
Very nice indeed - sad to see the ebay sales going all political.. :) That rocks. They are fantastic brushes
Excellent deal. I thought there would be much more V1 deals when the V2 came out but that did not happen.