i'm sorry for my miss spellings as i hath dyslexia. :culpability:
I don't think it will in any way affect your airbrushing. A picture says more than a 1000 words anyway. Hope you enjoy this pastime we all love on this forum.
No need to apologise mate, I don't have dyslexia, and I suck at spelling. All we care about is airbrushing, keep spraying!
:) we have a lot of members that have trouble with the written word, either because English isn't the first language or because of one too many glasses of moonshine - or because of predictive text on their phone, we understand them just fine, and you'll be fine too
Don´t worry my friend, your misspelling won´t stand out between all the post´s here :)
Welcome and your images are great I'm just learning How to airbrush lots of work
Wayne the tinman