Sotar 20/20 works great!



Finally got the adapter for the Sotar and was able to try it out this morning, it works very well! Didnt get much of a chance to play around with it, the wife wanted to go to town and we just got back home. Now, I'm ready to brew a pot of coffee and fire up the compressor here after a bit and do some more practice.

The eclipse and the Neo are probably going to get neglected for a while now since I have got the reduction ratios down for the Infinity and the Sotar. :witless: The Sotar so far seems pretty comparable to the Infinity as far as spray charachteristics go, but has an entirely different feel to it, not in a bad way...just different, but is a comfortable AB to work with.

I went ahead and did my cork trigger mod to both the Infinity and Sotar triggers, tonight I will fine tune the height on both. For anyone who hasnt tried the trigger mod, it really is worth trying, makes a world of difference in control...and, for me anyway, reduces fatigue and cramping. Hoping to start something new to practice on tonight or tomorrow.
Congrats contenderfan, I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with it. I love mine but haven't been using it lately as I've been working on a T shirt and using my Eclipse with the bigger needle. But when I used the Sotar on my self portrait it was fantastic and I could do things so much better than I was doing with my HP-SB+. I just felt a lot more confident using it once I'd got the paint mix right.
cheers Mel